consultoría y diseño de soluciones a medida

Innovación / Transferencia

La sinergia entre los diferentes grupos del CSIC y el INTA permite abordar problemas y soluciones innovadoras, diseñar servicios a medida y el desarrollo de productos de alto valor añadido


Red de stakeholders


Contratos y convenios con agentes externos al CSIC (academia, administraciones, empresas, y entidades)


La colaboración multidisciplinar entre componentes de la plataforma y los agentes externos permite mejorar los productos, servicios  y metodologías existentes y el desarollo de nuevas aplicaciones


Project MOSAiC, ICM and ICE participated as part of the ‘Ice/Remote Sensing’ team on the Multidisciplinary drifting Observatory for the Study of Arctic Climate expedition, one-year-long expedition into the Central Arctic, that took place between 09/2019 to 10/2020


Project WL-GA-CaPA. To determine sea surface height and sea ice thickness by combining GNSS reflected signals at two or more frequencies. This novel concept has never been tested before and could lead to a significant improvement in cubesat missions of the type of ESA’s PRETTY mission


Project nhTAI. ICA and CCHS collaborate to develop new technological, agronomic and computer tools for weed management


Project CalValFLEX. For the retrieval of the vegetation fluorescence, which is a sub-product of photosynthesis


Project MAXSS (Marine Atmosphere eXtreme Satellite Synergy), ICM and ICE work together with an ITT from ESA, to provide quantifiable measures of the accuracy of the most severe storm dynamics, and to derive extreme wind climate and trend analysis


TELEDETECT organiza eventos virtuales de diseminación y actividades de formación con empresas, administracionesy entidades